Course Content
A pre-lesson to help prepare you for Lesson 1.
Lesson 1: Getting Started
Collect the photography gear that you'll need for the course
Lesson 2: The Workings of a Camera (Technical Lesson 1)
In this lesson, we'll discuss how a camera works - including digital cameras!
Lesson 3: Background vs. Foreground (Composition 1)
In this lesson, we will look at the three basic elements of every photograph - the foreground, the background, and the subject.
Lesson 4: Light (Technical Lesson 2)
Everything in a photograph is based on light. In this lesson, we will study light and how to use it to your advantage while taking pictures.
Lesson 5: Tell a Story (Composition 2)
In this lesson, we will discuss how to compose pictures in such a way as to draw viewers into the photo via the story it tells.
Lesson 6: The Direction of Light (Technical Lesson 3)
In this lesson, we will look at how the direction of light affects our photographs - and why this is important.
Wilderness Photography 101
About Lesson
A mountain goat in Glacier National Park, Montana
Sometimes you break the rules intentionally; other times, they’re broken for you. I did not choose this vantage point to photograph the mountain goat near Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, so I had to break whatever rules were necessary to get my photo that (hopefully) tells a powerful story.

If you want to break the rules of photography, go ahead!  Set up your scene how you need to so you can tell the story of your photograph.  Sometimes, breaking the rules is exactly what you need to make your photo stand out or give it the aura that tells the story perfectly.  Just don’t break rules like climbing over fences or walking off the trail.